Town of Fairview Launches New Website

The town of Fairview has launched a new website,, to make it easy for residents and out of towners to access important information related to town government and the resources available in Fairview. Designed by Municipal Impact, and featuring photos by Jeremy Kreiger, is an attractive, easy to use site.

Town Clerk Faye Carlson is excited about this user friendly, valuable tool. She explained that it's still under construction but is operational now except for the ordinances which are being worked on by a codification company. It could take another year before all those are in place.

Right now however, users can access city council agendas which are posted Mondays before the council meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Public hearings are also posted. Residents can also pay their water and utility bills as well as any court fines on line. Once the codification process is complete, laws for the town including zoning and parking regulations will be detailed on the site, making it easy for users to get their questions answered quickly on their own schedule. The site is also a convenient way to contact any department in the town.

Carlson encourages all residents to subscribe to the new website for email and text notifications such as water breaks, which streets might be being worked on, or other important messages. There are towns named Fairview in virtually every state in the country. Subscribing and using the local website provides easy referencing for both locals and others.

Users can also link to the town's Facebook page which has details about events such as Old Timers' Festival, and can link up with the Fairview Chamber and Friends of the Fairview Bridge, which include events such as the Lighting of the Bridge and the city-wide garage sale. Links to the Fairview Police and Fire Departments will soon be available as well.

Subscribe to the convenient, informational website today. You'll be glad you did.


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