Wild Calf Coffee Roasts Great Tasting Coffee Locally

Wild Calf is a coffee roasting company that roasts high-quality, specialty-grade, green coffee beans. This business is owned and operated by Sara and Dustin Harmon, located on 6001 Road 1011, Bainville. 

Wild Calf Coffee is sold across the MonDak area including retail stores in Williston, Watford City, Culbertson, Scobey, Plentywood, Medicine Lake, Sidney, Wolf Point, Baker, Terry, Circle, Miles City, and all Reynolds Market locations.

The company currently has a wide variety of Single Origin roasts, and even some MicroLots. They are currently doing extensive testing for a signature blend. 

Wild Calf tests how to roast different kinds of coffees and roasts them with consistency and high quality. They do this with a 12-kilo roaster made in Germany that can roast up to 22 lbs. at a time. Each roast takes about 14 minutes, and then the beans are dropped into the cooling tray for a few minutes to cool down until they go through a destoner to remove any stones. The beans are then loaded into a net-weigher for bagging and then sealed. 

"We have a continuous process to keep the beans fresh," said Harmon. 

The company sells new and used Espresso machines and grinders for coffee shops and coffee equipment for home use. They also supply customized espresso roasts to various coffee shops and stands in the area.  

"We have worked closely with many coffee shop owners in helping create the roast they feel their clients are looking for. In working with coffee shops, we discovered the need for trained espresso machine technicians and became certified," added Harmon

Wild Calf is currently working on making a tasting room so that customers can try their various roasts. 

She said, "People would be able to come, by making an appointment or booking an event. We will have special times where our doors are open to the public and will post these times on our social media pages. This will also give us the opportunity to invite people out to see the roasting process, discuss coffee and have trainings for coffee shops." 

Harmon added that the company is incredibly thankful for the support that has been given by the surrounding communities and friends. Be sure to check out their website http://www.wildcalf.com for more information on Wild Calf products.


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