SHC Offers An Advanced Treatment For COVID-19

In September, Sidney Health Center established an Outpatient IV Therapy Treatment area to administer the Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (MAB) for COVID-19 patients. The FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for several monoclonal antibody therapies as treatment for COVID-19.

This type of therapy relies on monoclonal antibodies, which are antibodies that are like the ones your body would naturally make in response to infection. These antibodies are mass-produced in a laboratory and are designed to recognize a specific component of this virus. By targeting it, these specific antibodies interfere with the virus’ ability to enter human cells, giving the immune system a head start until it responds.

Preliminary clinical trials have demonstrated a more rapid decline of the virus after treatment with one MAB – the REGEN-COV product.

“Some, but not all, unpublished studies have shown less hospitalization and death after this drug is given. The REGEN-COV product has been studied only in the context of being given within 10 days of symptom onset. It is important to emphasize that the MAB product is essentially an experimental approach. Monoclonal antibodies have not in general been useful in infectious diseases,” stated Dr. O. Pete Council, Family Medicine physician and Sidney Health Center Emergency Department medical director. 

According to Sidney Health Center, to qualify for this type of treatment, a patient must test positive for COVID-19, have had symptoms for fewer than 10 days, not be hospitalized or on oxygen because of COVID-19, and be at high risk for the disease to get worse. Guidelines will vary depending on age; however, individuals 65 years and older automatically qualify for the treatment. 

So far, the best defense against contracting COVID-19 is getting the vaccine. 

“The recently developed mRNA-based COVID vaccines have been extensively tested and reviewed. Multiple published clinical trials have demonstrated 80% or better protection from infection and even more protection from serious illness,” added Dr. Council. 

Patients are encouraged to be seen through the clinic so that they can set up an appointment by calling the Same-Day Clinic at 406-488-3963.


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