2021 Marks Niehenke Welding's 100th Year Of Quality Service To The Community

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Since 1921 Niehenke Welding has been providing quality service to the community - with its top priority being area farmers and ranchers. The company specializes in general welding, agricultural repairs, heavy equipment welding, fabrication and machining.

Joseph John Niehenke started the company in 1921. After serving in World War I, he bought a shop in Sidney, and started providing blacksmith services to the area. The shop was originally located near 120 2nd St NW. 

In 1936, J.B. Dawe Jr. purchased Niehenke Welding and moved it to its current location on North Central Ave. Stan Rosaaen then purchased the company from Dawe in 1971. "After my dad returned home from the Vietnam War, he worked at the shop with Dawe. Then purchased the company and partnered with Rocky Obergfell," said Ross Rosaaen, Niehenke Welding current owner. 

Richard Williams, Stan's half-brother, was also a big part of Niehenke Welding for 15 years. "We owe him some credit for what Niehenke is today. He provided good service and was a good welder - he taught me a few things," said Rosaaen. 

In 2011, Ross Rosaaen bought the company from his dad, Stan. Ross grew up in the shop playing basketball and hide and seek. He said, "I spent a lot of time in this shop. I would come up here on weekends with my dad and early mornings in the summertime – I have helped my dad out since I was 11 years old."

Ever since Ross purchased the company, the mission of Niehenke Welding has stayed the same. "We have not changed our service to the community. They are our number one priority and always have been - we keep our community first," added Rosaaen. "Our number one goal is to provide quality service to our local farmers and ranchers. We try to keep the cost of the repairs down as much as possible because farming these days is expensive – I am a 24/7 guy if they need me, I'm up here."

When asked why he thinks the company has been in business for 100 years, he responded, "Determination, my dad's determination is what has been keeping this company running. All he did was work and he still does; he is working six-hour days up here in the shop and he is 73 years old."

Rosaaen describes welding as a lifestyle, not a job; he enjoys serving his community. He said, "Niehenke wants to thank all the farmers, ranchers, and the local community for the support. Niehenke Welding is what it is because of my father, Stan, and because of the support of locals."


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