Sidney's New Outdoor Ice Rink Will Expose More Kids To Hockey

Sidney's Top Stories of 2021

Quillings Park, Sidney, looked a bit more festive this holiday season with the addition of a new outdoor ice rink. 

Michael and Cole Fink, two brothers who are actively involved with the Richland Rangers Alumni Association spurred the ice rink's inception. Cole Fink stumbled upon outdoor ice rink boards for sale on Facebook and thought it would be a great idea to buy it to put in Quillings Park. 

"We thought if there is a rink for public use, that would help more kids get involved in hockey and be introduced to it at a younger age, which is good for the hockey program itself," said Dr. Michael Fink, Richland Youth Hockey Board and the Alumni Association President.

The two brothers discussed it with the Hockey Board and split the cost of the rink equipment with the Alumni Association. They soon got the okay from the City of Sidney and started installing the boards. 

"The only other rink in town is the one inside the hockey rink and that is being used quite often. You also have to be a member of the hockey association to play hockey at that rink, so we thought this would be great to get non-members involved in the sport," said Michael Fink. 

This will give kids a chance to go and play a game of hockey without being coached. Fink says the area lacks "neighborhood get together pick-up games."

"Kids used to go play sports in a field or find a little pond and play hockey. Nowadays, sports are so structured from the get-go. It is good for kids to learn by playing with neighborhood kids of different ages and learn the sport on their own without being coached."

This outdoor ice rink will help offer some of that for hockey players and non-hockey players alike; allowing hockey players to learn the sport on their own. 

Quillings Park has a warming house and lights, making it a perfect place for the rink. Once the ice gets solid enough to be maintained, it will be ready to play for kids of all ages to play on.


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