Western Tire Co. Providing Quality Services To Community For 65 Years

Western Tire Co, Sidney, has been providing quality service to the MonDak area for almost 65 years.

The business was started by Don Baxter Sr. on 1601 S Central Ave. It has been family-operated ever since. Tom and Jerrold work together to carry on the tradition.

Western Tire Co. is dedicated to providing great products and services, helping customers with all their tire, brake, suspension, and alignment needs.

The company helps area farmers; providing in-the-field farm tire service. They have three fully equipped service trucks, and two with booms, that are able to service any type of equipment for farmers.

"We have the most service trucks, along with the most people that can run them. We can have more equipment in the field than anyone else can," said Jerrold Baxter, Western Tire Co. manager.

Last year, the company added its third service truck, which is the largest service truck in the valley, equipped with a tire hand.

Western Tire has upgraded its alignment system to the newest and most up-to-date system on the market.

"We also updated our tire changers and balancers to the latest and greatest available in the market," added Baxter.

The business stays busy year-round, with beet harvest being the most time sensitive part of the year for Western Tire technicians.

"Those tractors need to be in working order, so if they go down in the field, we need to get out there right away. There are some days when we will be helping farmers at 9 o'clock at night," said Baxter.

"Growers have quite a range of equipment; everything from the beet diggers to the tractors. We service tires on all of them."

Their experienced technicians are focused on providing quality services.

"We pride ourselves on doing the job right. The benefit of buying quality will always exceed that of a cheaper product or service."

For more information on the services Western Tire Co. provides, contact them at 406-433-3858.


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