Math Counts Competition

A group of about 10 7th and 8th-grade Middle schoolers competed in the MathCounts online competition for the Eastern Chapter on February 17, 2022. The Chapter includes towns such as Glendive, Glasgow, Lustre, Savage, and many others on this side of the State. It is put on by a company that is fostering the love of math through projects and problem-solving. Only the top 25% are eligible to move on to the State competition. Sidney Middle School secured 3 of the 7 spots, a big congratulations go to Ave Norby, Morgan Kindopp, and Ethan King for scoring so well on the local Math Counts competition that they have moved on to the State level competition. The three are set to travel to Butte for the March 7th State competition. Here they will compete to go to Nationals in Washington DC the later part of May. Best of luck Morgan, Ave, and Ethan. Represent Sidney, MT well.


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