Katelynn's Voice Foundation Fundraiser May 14

In the wake of tragedy Katelynn Berry's family has chosen to help the community in Katelynn's memory.

The small Facebook blog page, "Bring Katelynn Berry Home", meant to further the search efforts with photo's of Katelynn and a reward for the missing woman is now, Katelynn's Voice, a foundation created to raise money to aid those with mental health issues or dealing with addiction and to raise awareness of these problems. Katelynn was diagnosed with schizophrenia in her early 20's and battled off and on with addiction. The foundation is aimed to confront the barriers that prevent people from getting support and help.

The foundation already has their first fundraiser planned. May is Mental Health Awareness Month so on May 14, at 7 p.m. CDT the organizers of Katelynn's Voice will be at the Agri-Sports Complex, Williston. There will be a live auction, taco and fajita bar, and speakers who will talk on mental health, addiction and the stigma attached to these illnesses. Admission will be $25 and everyone is welcome to attend. They are planning on holding a second one in Grand Forks, ND, sometime late in the summer. As well as raising awareness, Katelynn's Voice is also offering scholarships to kids who are or have fought mental illness, alcohol, or drug addiction. There is a $2,000 scholarship available to a high school senior or undergrad in North Dakota called "A Voice for Mental Health and Addiction Awareness Scholarship." June 15 is the application deadline. There is also one called the "Katelynn Berry Memorial Scholarship" set up by Katelynn's parents that will award $2,000 each to a Montana and a Minnesota senior. East Grand Forks and Sidney High School seniors will be given preference. May 20 is the deadline to apply for those two. All of the scholarships can be applied for at http://www.bold.org. Links to all three can be found on the Katelynn's Voice Facebook page. Carnell Mattison, Katelynn's mother, said, "We are hoping to keep going and will as long as we are financially able to."

Katelynn Berry was reported missing on Dec. 31, 2021. A search was done and her body was found in the field behind her home. As of March 9, 2022 the investigation is still pending and the autopsy results are heavily anticipated by several family members and friends.


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