Lower Yellowstone Wool Pool Meeting March 23

The Lower Yellowstone Wool Pool will be meeting on Wednesday, March 23, 7 p.m. at Richland County Extension Office Meeting Room, Sidney, MT.

The Lower Yellowstone Wool Pool in addition to the Front Range Pool (Choteau), Hi-Line Pool (Havre to Nashua), Northeastern Pool (Scobey and Plentywood), and Mon-Dak Pool (Wibaux and Beach, ND), are part of the eastern Montana Consolidated Wool Pool. This consolidated pool was created in 2002 as an opportunity for wool growers to “pool” their wool together and receive more for their product. When growers deliver their wool to their designated pool, it is weighed and graded for fineness. This grade is determined by the fiber diameter that is measured in microns. These grades allow the wool to be placed into different lines, ranging from fine white face (Line 1) to bellies (Line 8). Wool in the same line is then packaged together in 400-500 lb. square packs. The now larger lot of wool is easier to market to buyers and to ship in the larger packs. Most of the wool is shipped internationally for processing, which requires growers to meet the world standards. In 2021, over 81,150 lbs. of raw wool was delivered to these five pools, and over the years this amount is equal to 6% of the wool clip by weight in Montana annually.

Marketing wool can be difficult for producers. The consolidated pool allows producers with a great opportunity to market their wool on a larger scale. If you are interested in participating in the pool, please join us on March 23 or call 406-433-1206 for more information.


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