Two Candidates Running For Richland County Sheriff

Sheriff John Dynneson's current term expires on Dec. 31, 2022 so, June 7 voters will have a chance to allow him another term or elect a different sheriff. Shane Kyhl is campaigning against him for the position.

The Richland County Sheriff is the chief peace officer in Richland County. According to the county's website,, the Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement services for Richland County, including the towns of Lambert, Savage, and Crane. In addition to the state highways, which run through Richland County, they patrol over 1,200 miles of county roads to serve and protect its 9,500 residents living in 2,084 square miles. The City of Sidney has their own police force.

The current sheriff, John K. Dynneson, has 38 years of experience serving Richland County in law enforcement. He started as a jailor, then worked as a deputy, before running for County Sheriff for the first time. He drove truck in the oil field and was a farmhand before his stint in law enforcement. When asked if he would change anything should he be elected again John said, "No, because no two days or situations are ever the same." Sheriff Dynneson has a lot of history in this area and he feels that would make him the best candidate. "I know the people," he said, "And they know me."

Shane Kyhl has over 20 years of leadership experience overseeing daily operations, managing budgets, and setting performance objectives. Kyhl said, "I have the perseverance to see things through and am well-versed in managing multiple concurrent operations." Right now, he is currently in a leadership role managing a fleet of trucks in Sidney. Kyhl said, " I'm a team builder with outstanding customer service. With my leadership experience managing, and my Criminal Justice degree I would be able to facilitate key process improvements at the Richland County Sheriff's Office." In an election flyer for his campaign, he plans to have door transparency with the community, will prioritize community engagement, prioritize the Richland County Crime Prevention Program, staff a more diverse and welcoming work force, and introduce a "Fit for Service" program.

Both candidates are running as Republicans. The winner of the primary will run unopposed in the Nov. 8 general election.


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