Sugar Beet Harvest Started Sept. 30

With almost perfect weather in the forecast, Sidney Sugars Incorporated is looking forward to a great start to the annual beet harvest. Culbertson, Sugar Valley and the factory yard will started accepting beets on Sept. 30 while Savage and Pleasant Valley began on Oct. 1. Slicing at the factory started Oct. 1.

According to Sidney Sugars agricultural manager Duane Peters, root samples taken in the 18,300 acres of area beets showed a good crop with tonnage averaging 29 and sugar at 15.2. Those samples were taken the last week in August and sugar is expected to increase to about 17 or 18 with the recent cooler weather. “We’re happy with those numbers,” Peters said.

Peters stated that they are fully staffed for harvest operations at this point. “We’re always glad to see that,” he said. It also looks good for factory help but they are always accepting applications.

As always, Peters and the entire staff at Sidney Sugars wishes everyone a safe and productive harvest.


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