Downtown Sidney Welcomes Newest Business, Sidney Strength

Sidney Strength is the newest addition to the businesses on Central, and was recently welcomed as a new Chamber business. The store offers athletic apparel and supplements including protein powders, mass gainers, on-the-go snacks, drinks, and pre-workout caffeine options for those that don't drink coffee. Owner Eric Tooker officially opened the store on Oct.17 after two months of preparation.

Tooker and his family moved to Sidney from Fargo for his wife's job and he noticed a need for a supplement store.

"The fitness community seems very excited," Tooker said, adding that he had actively gotten commentary from gym goers before deciding to start the business. "I had never thought about doing this (opening a business) until we moved to Sidney, but it is something that is needed and wanted in the community."

Listening to local feedback also led him to incorporate Born Primitive athletic apparel.

"I think that people are looking forward to being able to come in and get products rather than having to order it online and wait two days to get it. Realistically, two-day shipping doesn't always happen here," he commented.

Tooker is also a personal trainer with a background in strength conditioning and was a college coach for five years. He decided to get the ball rolling when the location at 108 Central Ave. opened up.

"Once we had a location secured, I decided to just go ahead and dive right in," Tooker explained. "Getting ready to open was a lot of waiting on paperwork and dealing with securing wholesale products; the supply chain problems have been challenging."

With help from his wife and kids, a fresh coat of paint, and a little elbow grease and patience, Sidney Strength is officially open for business Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Stop by 108 S. Central Ave. for all your activity apparel and supplement needs!


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