Butler Machinery Company Welcomes Ben Studer, Director Of Ag

Butler Corporate Office Fargo, ND – Butler Machinery Company is proud to welcome Ben Studer, Director of Ag division.

Studer began his career in 2005 at AGCO in Jackson, MN as a technical service specialist. Throughout his 17-year career at AGCO, he held many different roles: Product Specialist to Director; Product Management; Global ATS (Advanced Technology Solutions) and EFG (Electronics Functional Group); Director of Product Management - Global Crop Care; Application, Seeding, & Tillage.

In 2021, Studer transitioned into his most recent role as Director of Product Management - Global Crop Care, Planting, Crop Protection, and Nutrition. Throughout his career at AGCO, he built his knowledge of the Ag industry from all facets, both domestically and internationally.

Studer grew up in Wesley, IA, a small farming community in North Central IA. Growing up in a farming community allowed him to be immersed in agriculture for most of his life. He went on to attend college at SDSU (South Dakota State University), where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture systems technology and a minor in agriculture business and economics. Outside of work, He enjoys being with his family, fishing, and maintaining his restored 1972 Ford F250 and vintage tractors. Being part of the agriculture industry for his entire career, he enjoys having the opportunity to help farmers be more profitable and support them in feeding the world.

For over six decades, Butler Machinery Company has been committed to offering the best in equipment solutions and dealer support. Founded in 1955 in Fargo, ND, Butler Machinery is a third-generation and family-owned company that serves North Dakota, South Dakota, and Clay County-Minnesota. Butler Ag Equipment, a division of Butler Machinery, provides agriculture equipment and support in North Dakota, South Dakota, Clay County-Minnesota, Nebraska, and Sidney, MT. Butler Machinery is proud to offer products and services to support a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, government, demolition and scrap handling, mining, landscaping, and power generation.


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