MCTM Math Contest 2023 Held March 14

Each year in March, Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics sponsors 12 Regional Math Contests across the state of Montana. This year on March 14, Sidney High hosted the 2023 math contest for our region. There were 11 schools from 253 schools registered. Students from each grade level from 7-12 compete in three individual tests appropriate to their level. Students in each region compete in the same tests. On an individual basis, awards are presented to the top student on each test. Also the top 15% receive a Superior rating and the next 20% receive an Honorable Mention rating. The scores for these tests are then forwarded to the state level, where students compete for statewide awards.

Seniors registered for the scholarship track compete for scholarships as well. The top senior student will receive a $500 scholarship and the second highest will receive a $300 scholarship. These regional scores are also forwarded to the state level where the top two students earn an additional $1,000 and $750 respectively.

The Sidney Regional Contest also offers a team test. Students in the grade levels of 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12 form teams of up to four students. No more than two of those students can be from the upper grade level. This year's team contest winners are as follows. In 7-8 team test there was a tie for top team. Culbertson had a team of Cal Steppler, Felixe Becker and Stella Fox. Sidney had a team of Mailya Nguewoun, Ethan King, Jessica Entz and Megan Rachor. In the 9-10 the winning team was from Sidney, Kyle Humphries, Lilah Entz, Oliver Slade and Avé Norby. In the 11-12 test the winning team was from Sidney, Justin Filler, Savanna Steinbeisser, Thersa Wick and Tayten Bright.


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