New 20 Under 40 Program Is Taking Nominations & Celebrating Leaders

The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture is excited to announce their 20 under 40 program, designed to recognize and celebrate individuals in Richland County under 40 who are making a positive impact through their work or community involvement.

Nominations are open now through April 15 and must include the nominee's name, age, place of employment, and contact information. It should also include how the nominee has positively enhanced their business, and how they have positively impacted their community. Nominees can be employees, entrepreneurs, executives, volunteers and can work for non-profit organizations. They can be nominated for community or business leadership, though their qualifications should be thorough as to what they do and how that creates a positive impact for those who may not be an expert in that particular field. Details are key! Individuals can nominate themselves, others and more than one person.

A committee of eight will score each nominee on a 50-point scale: 20 points based on business/industry leadership innovation, 10 points on their expertise in their field, and 20 points for their community leadership and engagement. Winners will be announced at the end of April; a reception will be held in their honor and each winning nominee will be featured in a 20 Under 40 tabloid.

The decision to implement the program was made after a "Reimagining Rural" training conference that encouraged highlighting the positives in small communities and breaking stereotypes that small towns are dying out. In fact, according to the 2020 census, the largest population in Sidney are those in their forties, making it a fairly 'young' community.

"I came back to Sidney in 2017 with some of those stereotypical impressions," said Sidney native and Chamber Executive Director Kali Godfrey. "But the more experience I gain, the more I'm assured that Sidney is inclusive and a good place to grow a career. I hope this program highlights some of the individuals that have taken advantage of the opportunities available in Sidney and encourages others to do the same."

Director of Programs Katie Dasinger developed the 20 Under 40 program, modeling it after other 20 under 40 programs, with the emphasis on career achievement and community give-back. 

Local resident Josh McGahan was automatically nominated for the 20 Under 40 program after receiving the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Emerging Leadership Award at the Chamber Banquet in January.

If you or someone you know is under 40, lives in Richland County, and meets the other criteria, please make a nomination by contacting the Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture at 406-433-1916 or emailing them at [email protected].

"We want to celebrate these individuals and give them the recognition they deserve while changing the narrative of the community. After all, the best part of Sidney is the people," Godfrey concluded.


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