Fairview's Police Department, Small But Happy to Serve

Being a small town in eastern Montana, Fairview does not need a large police department but the few officers have worked just as hard as the ones in other departments to protect their town.

According to https://resources.workable.com, a police officer "is responsible for law enforcement and public safety. They provide emergency services by responding to calls and investigating crimes." This gives Fairview officers many tasks. Besides the usual fighting crimes, Fairview's officers also do welfare checks, bar walk-thrus, and patrols near the schools, businesses, and housing areas during the day and after dark. Since Fairview does not have an animal control separate from the police, they also pick up stray pets and handle other tasks an animal control officer would handle in another town.

The officers also participate in community outreaches such as doing talks at the local schools and the Cookies With Cops event put on by Drug-Free Communities and the Richland County Housing Authority.

Fairview just lost its police chief and is looking for a new chief and another part-time officer. Their department would be fully staffed with five officers but currently is composed of two full-time officers and one part-time officer. When former Police Chief Wyatt Uecker stepped down into a part-time position, Officer Whitney Hergert, who has worked at the Fairview Police Department for 2 ½ years, stepped up and is currently, the Acting Assistant Chief.

Acting Assistant Chief Hergert said, "I think I've brought a female's perspective to policing. That is unique in Fairview." Her counterpart, full-time Officer Aleacia Braaten, has worked for the Fairview department for seven months. Officer Uecker had been a police officer in Montana for 12 years with 10 of it being in Fairview before he took the Police Chief position in September 2022. All three are happily out on patrol serving their community.


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