Lindblom Still Active At 99

Dr. Stanley Lindblom, Sidney, celebrated his 99th birthday with friends last Tuesday, April 18. This charming, soft-spoken gentleman still lives in his own house, takes care of his own yard and meets the guys for coffee and conversation every morning. When asked about how it feels to be turning 99, Lindblom chuckled a bit and said that time marches on and we have to march along with it. "You have to keep doing something," he said. "You have to keep your body and mind functioning. You can't just sit and look at four walls," he said about his longevity.

Lindblom was raised on a farm north of Plentywood, about one mile from the Canadian border. He joined the service, then attended college in Chicago, becoming a licensed chiropractor. He returned to Montana and practiced in Plentywood for 12 years before feeling a call to do mission work, upon which he spent two years in South America, particularly Bolivia. On his return, he heard about a good opportunity in Sidney and opened his practice in 1971. In all, he helped his patients feel better for 49 years.

Lindblom was married to his lovely wife Lillian for 45 years and although they had no children of their own, they helped raise several. They are now scattered all over the country but he keeps in regular contact with all of them.

Although he has backed off the past year or so, for many, many years, organizations such as RSVP and the Sidney Chamber of Commerce could always count on Lindblom's smiling face and helping hands at whatever event they were sponsoring.

Upon retirement from chiropractics, he immediately volunteered with the hospice program through Sidney Health Center, helping patients with their medication and assisting the families. He also helped with Camp Mend a Heart and blood draws. His service with the Richland County Health Department included helping with vaccination clinics, school vision and hearing screenings, county health assessments, veteran standdowns, community outreach events, Harvest for Seniors, and fundraising. The MonDak Heritage Center could always count on his assistance, and he served on the board of the Sunrise Women's Clinic for a few years. Lindblom also provided support in various ways to the Foundation for Community Care, March of Dimes, The Lodge at Lone Tree Creek, Disaster and Emergency Services, American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. He amassed 2,940.51 hours of service in 17 years through RSVP, serving others and saving area non-profits thousands of dollars.

Lindblom was also a force behind the creation of the Lutheran Brethren Church and still volunteers there every Sunday. He is an excellent example of what keeping active and engaged can do to create a happier and healthier life.

When asked what advice he would give others, he said, "Reach out to people and help in any way you can. That's what I enjoy doing, helping and serving my fellow man in any way I can. That's what I've done over the years."

Happy Birthday Dr. Lindblom and thank you, for everything.


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