Bronc Miller Memorial Team Roping Happening Saturday, June 17

Mark your calendars for the 3rd annual Bronc Miller Memorial Team Roping, Saturday, June 17 at the Burns Creek Arena located seven miles south of Savage off Highway 16.

The first event will be the #11.5 handicap with a pick one/draw one for $200, 1.5 second handicap per number, capped at 7.5 heeler, and four steer progressive.

The second event is #8.5 roping, with a pick one/draw one for $100 and three steer progressive. You can enter three times or draw up to six for both events. 

Enter the day of by 9 a.m .; roping starts at 10 a.m. Entry fees are cash only.

Prizes include Henry Lever Action .22 rifles to the first in the average in both ropings, trophy spurs which will be awarded to the high money header and heeler of the day, and custom knives made by Kraft Kutters that will be awarded to the fast times of each roping. There will be a 70% payout in both ropings.

The Yellowstone Valley Trailblazers 4-H club will be providing concessions during the day and the bar will be available courtesy of The Wagon Wheel, Glendive.

Merchandise will be on sale soon. Pre-sale sweatshirts and t-shirts will be available for purchase online, with a limited amount being sold at the event.

The Burns Creek Arena was built in 1948 by Willis Wilson, his two sons, and other interested parties such as the Miller family. It is believed that Bronc Miller’s father and uncle were two of the founding members of the Burns Creek Riders Club. As he got older, Bronc Miller became a member himself. During the 1990s, interest and involvement in the arena and club dwindled and the arena sat unused for several years.

“We all thought we should do something with the arena because it had just been sitting for so long,” said Bryar Lange of his family purchasing the property.

Miller’s daughters would later tell of how he would go to the arena every night and watch Bryar Lange, Jordan Skaley, their father Kylee Lange, Taylor and Randy Searer, and other community members work to restore it. Once restored, he went to watch them rope, mentioning that it was the highlight of his last couple years.

Bronc Miller Memorial Team Roping is made possible by several businesses and individuals who have sponsored the event, as well as volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy.

“The community we live in is great,” commented Jaycee Searer. “Word got out about fixing up the arena and there were people there every night helping.”

For more information, including when merchandise goes on sale, follow them on Facebook.

For other questions, contact Jordan Skaley at 701-595-1580; Bryar Lange at 406-480-3500; or Taylor Searer at 406-480-0309.

“The arena is part of Savage’s history and it is a special thing that we all get to come and celebrate Bronc,” said Jaycee Searer.


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