Green Acres Sod Farm Under New Ownership

After 26 years, Richard and Josie Riedel have sold their family-owned and operated sod farm, Green Acres, to a past customer.

The Riedel's started their sod farm originally in western Montana. Then they moved back to rural East Fairview. Richard was born and raised on the land that Green Acres Sod Farm sits on now. They originally tried farming the usual crops such as sugar beets, wheat, and corn but it was hard for them. They tried sod on just one acre and now Green Acres Sod Farm spans 70 acres. They grow only a 5-way blend of grade-A Kentucky Bluegrass. Using sod is a quick exception to seeded lawns. Richard explained that while it can take up to two years to establish a healthy lawn from seed, it takes just a couple of weeks to establish a healthy lawn from sod. They sell to the general public, homeowners, contractors, subdivision developers, landscapers, and more. Their sod even carpets the outfield of a few stadiums in the MonDak region. Richard said, "As Green Acres Sod Farm, we have strived to be a top turf sod producer in eastern Montana and western North Dakota."

The Riedels have decided to retire, however, and after much prayer and searching decided to sell Green Acres Sod Farm to Garold Gilster, a small business owner from Williston. Richard approached him about it, but Gilster was not sure. He felt he needed to pray about it as well. He said, "Eventually I said yes and left it in the Lord's hands." Gilster officially bought Green Acres Sod Farm in April 2023. Richard said, "Garold was an answer to prayer." He plans on keeping the business name, contacts, and continuing the business' reputation. Gilster said, "I thank God that he's allowing us to continue to provide this service to the community through Green Acres Sod Farm." Gilster is calling July 2023 Green Acres Sod Farm's Grand Opening month. During the event all orders cut and picked up in July will be 5% off.

The Green Acres Sod Farm's main office is located at 16057 32nd St. NW Fairview, ND. They can be contacted for more information by phone at 701-744-5759 or on their website,, or on Facebook.


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