Freestyle Motocross Pulls Up To The Fair Wednesday, Aug. 2

406FMX is a freestyle motocross team that brings top riders from X-Games and Nitro Circus to pull off the biggest tricks in the world. They will be bringing their "High Air Tour" to the Richland County Fair Wednesday night, Aug. 2.

406's FMX team consists of athletes from across the globe. Their full roster and nationalities are as follows: Jarryd Mcneil (Australia), Javier Villegas (Chile), Destin Cantrell (USA), Levi Renz (USA), Adam Jones (USA).

FMX stands for "Freestyle Motocross." In addition to their FMX team, 406 also has athletes that perform riding snowmobiles and UTVs.

Look forward to witnessing their nail-biting, engine-revving performance.

You can find more information on the group at


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