Richland County Event Center Remodel Ongoing

The expansion on the event center at the Richland County Fairgrounds marches on and the Richland County Fair is just around the corner.

The construction is still well underway. As said before, it will not be ready for this year's fair. The estimated time of completion of the project is June 2024. The construction area is located to the east of the event center and is fenced off for the safety of all of the fair attendees.

During the 2022 Richland County Fair, it was estimated that 30,000 people attended. Food truck vendors come every year from several different towns and even states to sell food at the fair. The construction will not impact the fair experience in any way. They will still have all of the events, exhibits, entertainment, and food that we have had in the past, they are just laid out in a slightly different manner this year and into the future. No competition will be affected by the construction project.

The construction is an addition to the event center, providing additional space for the community to utilize for events throughout the year. Since 2021, at fair time the exhibits have been housed in the old commercial building and will be there again this year. When the construction is complete, the exhibits will be in the new structure, opening the old commercial building back up for seating during the fair.


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