Miller Takes Reins At Boys & Girls Club Of Richland County

Madison Miller is the new CEO at the Boys & Girls Club of Richland County, taking over from Elaine Stedman who has retired. Her goal is not to change anything but to work with Elaine over the next couple of months and gain a good understanding of the workings of the Club. "It doesn't mean nothing will ever change but I won't ruin everything everyone has worked so hard for," she stated. After some time off, Stedman will return in a part time position with Miller fully in charge.

Madison and her husband Ben uprooted their lives in Washington and moved to Sidney when Ben was called to be an assistant pastor at Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church. Madison graduated from Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and chemistry with the goal of working with student athletes offering orthopedics as a physician's assistant. As a volleyball player throughout her school years, followed by five years of coaching, Madison loved working with the students. But the move to what was basically another world, in the middle of a pandemic, changed her career plans.

For 2½ years after moving to Sidney, Madison worked from home as the director of procurement in the construction field. Because of the nature of the work, being in a whole new community, and the constraints of the pandemic, she felt isolated, not plugged into the community. "In Tumwater, I played volleyball for ten years, coached, and knew everyone," she said. "Then we ended up here and it was really hard. But the church community was really great. They were loving, helpful and accommodating." After deciding that working remotely was not what she wanted, and with a possible change in her husband's career, Madison started exploring other employment opportunities. It was through casual conversation with Clay at M3 Meats that she heard about the CEO position at the Club and was encouraged to apply.

A recent trip back to Washington made Madison realize what she appreciates about the Sidney community. Even though she really misses the summer concert opportunities she was used to, she likes the slower pace that Sidney offers. "Slowing down a lot, it's so nice," she commented. And she has been really pleased with how nice and accepting people have been to her and Ben.

Stedman said she is excited to have Madison join the team at the Club. "She's a real go-getter and she will be a great asset."


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