Northeastern Arts Network Kicks Off Their Big Sky Concert Series Sept. 14

When Montana Repertory Theatre Presents "The Odyssey" Adapted By Briandaniel Oglesby

"The Odyssey" follows the journey of Odysseus as he encounters Cyclops, sirens, and more on his 10-year voyage home after the Trojan War. Oglesby's adaptation condenses this sprawling tale into a fastpaced, slapstick comedy performed by a small ensemble of three actors playing dozens of characters. Through imaginative storytelling and physical comedy, the play captures the poetry and tragedy of the original work while making it accessible to modern audiences.

Every fall, the Montana Repertory Theatre, a professional theatre company in residence at the University of Montana's School of Theatre and Dance, Missoula, MT, tours a short play and accompanying workshop to schools across Montana. The Northeastern Arts Network is proud to host this production which is perfect for the entire family.

This play will be held at the MonDak Heritage Center, Sidney, at 7 p.m., Sept. 14. Tickets can be purchased at the door: $20/Adult, $18/Sr., $15/Student. Season tickets can also be purchased for the Big Sky Concert Series. For concert information contact Leann 406-480-5594 or Jill 406-489-4304.

The Big Sky Series is made possible in part by the Montana Performing Arts Consortium Presenter Development Program which is supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Montana Arts Council, and a legislative grant from Montana's Cultural Trust.


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