Savage Warriors Earn Football Playoff Spot

Friday night, Oct. 20 started with the Warriors believing they were playing their last game of the year. They had been mistakenly told that they had no chance of making playoffs. Driving in on the bus to Lambert, they found out that instead, if they won the game they would secure their playoff berth.

The Savage Warriors came out strong, stopping the R&L Fusion just shy of the goal line on their first drive. The Warriors were quick to score and take the lead off a 41-yard pass from Cade Tombre to Hunter Sanders complete with an extra point pass from Tombre to Sayer Erickson.

The Fusion responded with two straight touchdowns both ran in by Sage Spinner and a two-point kick by Austin Lien taking the lead 14-7. Savage closed the gap when Tombre pushed the ball across the goal line and ended the first half 13-14.

The Warriors came out from half time and scored off their first play with a 46-yard touchdown pass from Erickson to Tombre, finished off with an extra point pass from Tombre to Erickson. Savage continued to increase their lead when Connor Lyons recovered a fumble from the Fusion, and then Tombre scored an 11-yard touchdown rush.

Jaeger Tombre recovered a fumble from the Fusion to maintain the Warriors momentum but R&L stopped their push and gained possession on a turnover on downs. Erickson was able to get the ball back on another fumble recovery but again the Fusion stopped the Warriors. The Fusion were able to close the gap off a 48-yard rushing touchdown by Spinner and a second 1-yard touchdown by Spinner, making the score 26-20, Warriors leading.

Savage was able to increase their lead again on a rushing touchdown by J. Tombre and an extra point pass from C. Tombre to Lyons. R&L answered back with a touchdown pass from Spinner to Lien and am extra point pass from Spinner to Quaid Marshall. The score was 33-27 with just over four minutes remaining in the game and the Fusion were able to gain the ball back. On R&L's final push to score, Erickson intercepted the ball and sealed the Warrior win.

The Savage Warriors will play the West Yellowstone Wolverines in the first round of playoffs this Saturday.


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