Begger's Diamond V Ranch

Begger's Diamond V Ranch is located 9 miles south of Wibaux, MT, or 9 miles southwest of Beach, ND. They are a family-owned outfit that was started by Harry and Elaine over 75 years ago. In 1973, they're sons Bob and Bill decided that they needed to add value to the ranch if all 3 families could survive. They began AIing their Angus baldy and shorthorn cross cows to Simmental, when the first calves came they were very impressive. They were born unassisted even though many ranches used sires that didn't have that calving ease. The Beggers feel they choose the right genetics and had a strong cow base that calved easily. In 1975 they hosted their first sale only 13 head, it set a precedence right from the start. The black bulls had more value and were in demand. To survive they knew that they needed their Simmental cattle to be solid colored either black or red, although they did raise some traditional red and whites, they dispersed them after a few years. At that time mostly solid black and polled cattle were the focus in 2010 the ranch dispersed all the red cattle, and has focused on homozygous black and polled cattle. Today the ranch runs 600 mother cows all are black and polled. It consists of 525 black Simmental and SIm-Angus cows and 75 Angus cows. Everyone is registered and used to produce their 180 bulls they sell annually.

Today the ranch is operated by Bill and Darlene along with their son and daughter-in-law John and Alicia along with their children, twin daughters Maggie and Charlotte, and sons Harrison and Gabe, the 4th generation.

Their cowherd calves twice a year; 400 in the spring and 200 in the fall. By calving both spring and fall they offer 50 age advantaged 18 month old bulls, along with 130 spring born yearlings. 150 will sell in their production sale the first Wednesday in February and 30 will be sold privately. Their cattle are run rough and tough, meaning they winter- graze them as long as possible with little or no inputs until the snow gets deep. The breeding goal is to produce cattle that work for the commercial cowman and woman. They have to be gentle in nature, easy keeping, big volumed, and sensible sized. They need to calve unassisted and have an udder that their calf can nurse without assistance. They need to raise a stout calf that weans 50% of their body weight, breed back early, and survive on what mother nature throws at them. The ranch headquarters is open and lacks the deep wooded draws that would provide protection. Beggers breed cattle that can survive when the winter gets tough and the wind chills are harsh, only man-made protection and telephone poles offer protection. The Diamond V Ranch offers cattle that work for the cow calf-man and then go onto be profitable for the feeder and packer and then offers a great eating experience to the consumer that has no idea what it takes for that tender flavorful steak to hit their dinner plate. The goal at Begger's Diamond V Ranch is to provide a breeding opportunity that is profit driven, they offer genetics that will produce the perfect cross bred calf. Bill states, "Cross breeding is the most value added tool every cowman has access to. Don't over look it. It makes sense, dollars and cents, don't leave it on the table."

The Simmental cross are without a doubt some of the most sought after feeder cattle, they just work, they offer excellent feed efficiency and gainability, they offer the opportunity to sell more uniformity with less small light weight cut backs and the packers pay premiums for their excellent carcass values more of them hit the specs for carcass premiums. They hardly ever produce those 4 and 5 yield grade discounts. The best part is the daughters make super cows, they are easy keeping, breed back better, raise more pounds efficiently, black Sim-Angus cattle add value. The Begger's would like to invite you to their production sale Feb. 7, 2024, at the ranch, come take a look, you'll like what you see.


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