Korejwo To Give Update On Bioenergy From Sugar Beets

Casey Korejwo, Greenwood Renewable Ventures COO and president, will speak at MonDak Ag Days at 10 a.m., Thursday, March 7, on the future of sugar beets as a biofuel and give an update on the progress being made to develop a renewable energy plant just north of Fairview.

For almost a year, GRV has been working with Two Rivers Energy Growers Association to contract sugar beet acres to devote to the plant. The new growers association was formed after the dissolution of MonDak Beet Growers Association, specifically to negotiate with GRV. Progress was made very quickly with a sufficient number of growers already signed up to make the plant viable. However, both GRV and Two Rivers Energy Growers Association actively continue to seek more grower participation.

GRV has an agreement in place for 120 acres just north of Fairview and is currently working with an engineering firm to get an overall picture of what would be Phase I showing inputs and outputs. They also continue to work to secure financial backing from private investors as well as state and federal incentives.

Korejwo is an oil and gas industry expert who has over 15 years of experience with a focus on energy transition in recent years. He is currently Greenwood Renewable Ventures COO and president, also president and COO of Pulse Energy Partners, and Cowboy Clean Fuels senior vice-president of operations. Korejwo is a co-founder of GRV and Pulse Energy Partners. GRV is the second company founded by the team that is focused on renewable energy and follows their founding of Pulse Energy Partners to focus on investment opportunities in energy transition. The team's experience in renewable energy also includes prior roles leading the development and operations of Cowboy Clean Fuels. Previously, Korejwo was Jagged Peak Energy staff reservoir engineer. Prior to joining Jagged Peak Energy, he served as asset manager at Ultra Petroleum Association, holding several reservoir and leadership roles while there. He started his career with Encana Oil and Gas, holding various operations and reservoir engineering positions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from Colorado School of Mines and is a registered professional engineer.

It's a very exciting time for GRV, beet growers, and the community. Be sure to take in this informational presentation at 10 a.m., Thursday, March 7 at Ag Days.


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