Dakota Badlands Beef

Mark Voll and Teresa Tescher Voll own Dakota Badlands Beef, located in the Squaw Gap area. This family owned and operated ranch is located 20 miles southeast of Sidney. Mark and Teresa were asked how long they’ve been selling beef. “Selling our own beef has been a part of our operation for many years. A highlight of raising cattle is having repeat customers come back and tell you how much they enjoy consuming our beef”. As our son Tom and his wife Marley work their way into the ranch, this allows them another avenue to pursue down the road, if they choose,” said Mark.

Dakota Badlands Beef is here to meet your individual beef needs. They are taking orders for future processing dates and have beef available in their State Health Department licensed freezer, located at the ranch near Sidney, MT, in McKenzie County, ND. They raise, feed, process, and market their own beef. All beef comes from the cattle raised and fed on the ranch, and finished at custom feedlots in the area. All of this is done locally from pasture to plate! Owner Mark Voll states, “We take pride in offering locally raised, high quality, beef.” Dakota Badlands Beef is processed at their USDA inspected facility located in New Salem, ND, called 6-IN-1 Meats. Mark and Teresa own this processing plant along with 5 other North Dakota livestock producers. “Ownership in the plant guarantees processing dates on a consistent basis.” After purchasing in 2019, we obtained USDA inspection status allowing us to sell beef across state lines. Beef can be picked up in New Salem, however most of the beef purchased in the Mon-Dak area has coordinated delivery options available by contacting us. Mark states, “One of the challenges we have encountered since we have been doing this on a larger scale is that some potential buyers of Dakota Badlands Beef will point out that our product is often more expensive than what they can purchase it for in the local retail outlet.” They are most often correct. What consumers must remember is that when they purchase our beef, they are getting a specific, home raised animal. Doing business in this manner ensures an excellent product, but the reality is our cost of production is higher verses those doing it on a large scale who provide the meat for the retail outlets throughout the region.

For orders or questions call Mark at 406-480-0080, Teresa Tescher Voll at 406-480-1777, Tom at 406-480-1425, or Marley at 406-654-7228.


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