Ranger Bantams – Headed to State

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" – Wayne Gretzky

"Don't practice until you get it right, Practice until you can't get it wrong" – Brianna Decker

"Every day Is a Good Day for Hockey" – Mario Lemieux

"You have to work your absolute hardest every time you step on the ice" – Sidney Crosby

These are just some famous quotes from a few great players. Every one of these quotes, as well as many others, make me think of the Bantams. The Bantam team, coached by Braden Kindopp and Shane Schantz, have worked hard for every minute of success that this year has brought them. Through all the practices, the breakfast clubs, the travel time, the miles, and the different rinks each one of these kids has put in the effort needed to be a successful team and they have played with their whole heart.

Friday, Feb. 23, the Ranger Bantams traveled to Crosby, ND, for their 14t league game of the season against the Crosby Comets. This game proved to be one of the Bantams' more challenging games this season. Ultimately after three hard fought 15-minute periods your Rangers fell to the Comets, 1-5.

Saturday, Feb. 24, the Rangers met up with the Crosby Comets once again, but this time on home ice. With the home crowd cheering them on, the Rangers offense and defense had to prove once again they knew how to work hard. The Bantams fought hard, taking the game into overtime but ended up losing 2-3.

Sunday, Feb. 25, the Ranger Bantams hit the road to Minot, ND, for their last league game of the season against the Wolves who fought hard to defeat the Rangers, but they were unable to keep the Bantams from taking home the 6-2 win. The Ranger Bantams ended their league play with 14 wins and 2 loses.

Next up for your Ranger Bantams they will head to Crosby, ND, to compete in the North Dakota Bantam B State Tournament – Gold Bracket. The tournament will take place March 7-10 and will host teams from Sidney, Crosby, Mandan, ND; Langdon, ND; Northwood, ND; and Fargo, ND over 4 days.


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