City of Sidney Solid Waste Department Battles Garbage Disposal Issues

The City of Sidney Solid Waste Department has been experiencing several cases of misuse and abuse of residential and commercial garbage disposal over the past few years. The following are a few bullet points of what residents and businesses need to know about proper disposal of their solid waste.

Garbage containers are for HOUSEHOLD REFUSE ONLY! Construction and landscaping debris are not to be placed in these containers. Homeowners and businesses are required to remove and transport this type of debris to the landfill themselves.

Residents who use “roll out” containers and have curb side pick-up need to place the container at the edge of the roadway by 7 a.m. and removed the container by 6 p.m. All roll out and large alley or commercial containers are to be left with the lids facing the alley or street. Homemade or makeshift containers are not allowed.

Extra containers are not allowed unless approved by the Public Works Department.

Residents who use “roll out” container should track your container by the serial number found on each container. If the wind blows your container away, it is not the city’s responsibility to find it!

Containers are to be placed well away from parked vehicles, mailboxes, or other objects with minimum of 3.0’ clearance on ANY side of container. If more than one container is used, they must be separated by a minimum of 3.0’ apart from each other.

Do not place items in containers that stick out above the lid. Flatten or cut cardboard boxes before placing in the container and keep the lids closed.

Animal, food, and ALL HOUSEHOLD WASTE shall be wrapped in plastic bags before placing in containers.

Paint cans are acceptable if the contents of the can have been dried to solid form.

Residents are encouraged to bring lawn clippings, leaves and garden vegetation to the city’s mulch pile located at 300 10th Ave. NE next to the city yard. NO TREES, BRANCHES OR KINDLING.

Homeowners and businesses are responsible for keeping the containers clean. The city departments will not clean the container for you.

Residents shall make special arrangements with the Department to have appliances picked up if the resident is unable to complete this task themselves.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: fireplace or stove ashes; un-rinsed pesticide and herbicide containers; hazardous waste; flammables (solvents, oil, paints, fuels); corrosives (acids and alkalines); large amounts of cooking oil; car batteries; car, truck or vehicle parts, bodies, engines, fuel tanks, engine oil(s), grease, wheels or tires; Animal hides or carcasses; trees, limbs or branches; metal or iron items, bed frames etc..

If you have questions regarding acceptable wastes or container usage or to report someone for misuse, please contact the Department of Public Works at 406-433-2809. Our business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The continued misuse of the garbage disposal service will only create more rules and add higher taxes for all Sidney residents. Cooperation on your part creates a cleaner environment, a better community and a safer work environment for the service people who handle your garbage daily.


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