McKenzie County Heritage Park Announces Spring Class

Continuing its efforts to teach old fashioned skills and create community, McKenzie County Heritage Park will host "Growing a Garden" Friday, April 5, 6-8 p.m. CDT in its new meeting room.

According to employee Rebekah Engebretson, the classes started with "Wintering Well" and included skills such as crocheting and sour dough bread making as a way to get together and learn the hands-on skills that Grandma would have taught. She says the interest in those rapidly disappearing skills is high with the sour dough bread making class attended by 70 people, and no less than 30 in any of the others. "There's a community need," she said. "Gathering, talking, learning, the community loved it."

Engebretson said there is lots of interest in the spring classes with people wanting to learn about canning, growing and using herbs or soap making to list just a few ideas. She thinks there will be more that come out of the initial gardening class. "We will pick the next class depending on what people want, but it will all be heritage art," she stated. "It's not just a class. It's getting together as a community. It's taking home what they've learned and doing it. These are skills that have been passed down, one to another."

Classes are held the first Friday of each month. Classes are free but there is a donation jar. A light snack is also served. Pre-registration is not required but to help with logistics, organizers would appreciate a head count. Please visit their FB page or call them at 701-842-6434.


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