Spring Will Soon Be Here!

I stopped for a second, one Friday afternoon, as I was preparing for one of our many Saturday workshop opportunities. The sun was coming through our big glass door and I remarked to myself, "that sun is starting to get some strength behind it again."

Every year around this time, people begin to get excited about Spring. Spring is indeed an exciting time of year. Things "begin anew" during spring time and it's always fun to watch the landscape come to life again. And those of us who are passionate about growing things finally get to spend time outdoors again, doing just that. As we start to prepare for spring, many people are taking on a new interest in vegetable gardening. The concepts of being "self sufficient" and "growing your own food" have always been popular gardening topics. But we who are in the industry are seeing a great resurgence of interest from those who have not done it for a while or have perhaps never done it. There are many questions people have for us when they visit us regarding the topic of vegetable gardening. Often the least experienced ask, "What should I grow?" To which my most frequent reply is "What do you enjoy eating?" If you don't enjoy consuming something there is little reason for you to devote the time to growing it. From that fresh tomato to the crunch of that fresh cucumber to the scent of fresh herbs, you should always grow what you enjoy! When beginning, there are many ways to start your veggie garden. From seed, indoors, is one method. Some people who are really excited cannot wait to get a jump start on the process. And for those who are pickier regarding what varieties they wish to grow it is often easier to acquire the seed for that plant than it is to acquire the started plant itself. Seeds are not subject to frost or cold the way a started plant is, and so the ways one can acquire them through the internet or locally is often much wider.

If seed starting isn't your thing, or caring for plants is not something you find easy, perhaps picking up the started plants from us in the spring is the better route for you. We're happy to help here as well! Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to recommend varieties that may meet your needs. No matter your gardening desires. Be it vegetables, trees, shrubs, or otherwise, we are always here to help you be successful. Whether indoors with houseplants or aquatics. Or outdoors with your landscape, we wish you "good luck, and happy growing!"


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