U.S. House Candidate Steve Held Visits Sidney

U.S. House of Representatives in Montana's 2nd Congressional District Democrat candidate Steve Held had a meet and greet at The Gathering Room in Sidney on March 25. Held is a fourth-generation Montana rancher and businessman from Broadus.

Before returning to Broadus in 2005, Held served on the National Board of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild Union in Hollywood.

Held's daughter, Rikki, is currently serving in The Peace Corps in Kenya and was one of the youth plaintiffs demanding our government follow the Constitution and restore Montanans constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment in Held v. Montana. His son, Jaeger, is a military historian currently working for the Department of Interior.

Held feels that the vast majority of Montana's and Americans mostly agree on issues and can find common ground that can move the country forward again. "All of us normal human beings agree on most parts of most issues," Held stated. He believes that Americans agree on most aspects of the border, health care, abortion, climate change, privacy, etc.

Held felt compelled to run for office after seeing changes in the political parties. "This is not my father's Republican party. They want to take things back to the 50s," Held said. "My whole life I was geared for this but I just didn't know it."

Held also feels politicians and the media make matters worse on purpose. "They fight because it makes them money," he said.

For more information about Held's campaign and to make a donation visit montanaheld.org.


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