Sidney Gymnasts Compete at State, Head to Regionals

In Sidney Gymnastics’ first year competing in Xcel Gymnastics, five very talented young girls have qualified for regional competition in Boise, ID April 19. Malia Larson, Camryn Franck, Myra Wieland and Paisley Obergfell will be headed to Idaho. Hallie Bergstedt also qualified but is not making the trip.

Head coach Melanie Morrill explained that Sidney gymnasts have always competed in Developmental gymnastics where the skills and routines are set. Everyone does the same thing and only change if they advance to another level. She chose to switch to Xcel because a lot of her students are getting older, and once they hit junior high, start dropping out. With the new program, they can compete at their own skill level. Morrill had 26 gymnasts this year, some of whom had never competed. All but two from last year started off in the Gold division, with the remainder in silver and bronze.

The State meet was held in Butte the weekend of March 23 where coach Morrill said almost all the gymnasts had the best meet of the season on at least one, if not all, of the events.

The results from that meet are as follows.

Bronze division:

Hadley Leintz, Jr. A: 9.375, 2T vault; 9.375, 3T bars; 9.325, 3rd beam; 9.2, 3rd floor, 37.275 All Around, 3rd Place

Lena Leintz, Sr. B: 9.075 vault; 9.15 bars; 9.25 beam; 9.16 floor; 36.625 All Around.

Bentley Messer, Jr. B: 9.05 vault; 9.225 bars; 9.175 beam; 8.975 floor; 36.425 All Around.

Tegan Turnbull, Sr. C: 9.275 vault; 9.1 bars; 8.7 beam; 9.05 floor; 36.125 All Around.

Silver division:

Kenzie Jaquith, Sr. C: 9.4, 3rd vault; 8.775 bars; 9.2 beam; 9.525 1st, floor; 36.9 All Around.

Allie Franzen, Jr. D: 8.975, 5th vault; 9.425, 2nd bars; 9.175, 6th beam; 9.125, 6T floor; 36.7 All Around, 5th Place

Kambree Wheeler, Jr. A: 9.3, 3rd vault; 9.075 4th bars; 8.7 beam; 9.475, 1st floor; 36.55 All Around, 6th Place

Elice Winter, Jr. D: 93.05 vault; 9.025 bars; 9.1 beam; 9.3 4T floor; 36.475 All Around.

Eden Fisher, Jr. A: 9 vault; 9.15 bars; 9.05 beam; 9.1 floor; 36.3 All Around

Rikki Elenberger, Jr. C: 9.1, 5T vault; 9.125 bars; 8.875 beam; 9.15 floor; 36.250 All Around.

Zuri Kortes, Jr. A: 8.9, 3T vault; 9.325, 3rd bars; 8.9 beam; 8.95 floor; 36.075 All Around.

Morgan Murphy, Jr. B: 9.15, 3T vault; 9.05 bars; 8.475 beam; 9.3 floor; 35.975 All Around

Skye Alvstad, Jr. A: 8.85 vault; 8.425 bars; 8.35 beam; 8.9 floor; 34.525 All Around.

Gold Division:

Malia Larson, Jr. B: 9.05, 4th, vault; 9.35, 1st bars; 9.025, 3T beam; 9.15 floor; 36.5750 All Around, 2nd place

Paisley Obergfell, Sr. C: 9.25, 1st vault; 8.925, 5T bars; 8.65 beam; 9.35, 2nd floor; 36.175 All Around, 2nd place

Camryn Franck, Jr. B: 9.2, 2nd, vault; 8.875, 4T, bars; 9.025, 3T, beam; 9 floor; 36.1, 3rd place.

Myra Wieland, Jr. C: 8.825, 2nd, vault; 8.775, 5th, bars; 8.75, beam; 9.4, 1st, floor; 35.75 All Around, 4T

Hallie Bergstedt, Sr C: 9 vault, 3T; 8.65 bars; 8.7, 5th beam; 9.2, 5T, floor; 35.55 All Around

Kenzie Koch, Sr. B: 8.4 vault; 8.45, 6T, bars; 8.7 beam; 9.15, 5th, floor; 34.7 All Around

Kleyopatra Zoanni, Jr. B: 8.15 vault; 8.525, bars; 8.425 beam; 9.25 floor; 34.35 All Around

Adriene Leintz, Sr. C: 8.275 vault; 9.225, 2nd, bars; 8 beam; 8.7 floor; 34.2 All Around

Brynlee Deming, Jr B: 7.2 vault; 8.95 bars, 3rd; 8.475 beam; 9.15, 5T, floor; 33.775 All Around

Xcel has given the gymnasts new freedom to show off the skills which complement their abilities. They are able to choose their own choreography and music, making the season a great deal of fun for everyone. “It was a really fun, relaxing season. We got to see the new skills coming through,” Morrill said. She put up a white board which the kids could climb a ladder up to, ring the bell, and check whenever they mastered a new skill. It only took two weeks to hit 50 checks, upon which she had to spring for a pizza party!

Morrill and her assistant coaches Rachelle Ellis and Brooke Morrill are proud of the Sidney team and everything they were able to accomplish, all while having a fun season. Congratulations to all the gymnasts on a great year and best of luck to those heading to Idaho!


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