Mike Newton Wants Your Vote In June

Mike Newton, a Glendive Republican, is running to fill the vacancy that will be left when Steve Hinebauch's terms is out. After redistricting, SD17 covers Richland County south of Highway 200, Dawson County, Wibaux County, Fallon County, Carter County, Powder River County, Prairie County, McCone County and a portion of Custer County. Newton said it takes in 15% of the counties in Montana. The area is huge but the population of the district is approximately 30,000.

Newton grew up farming and ranching in Dawson County, spent seven years in the oilfields of MT, ND, SD, WY, TX and Oklahoma, and 27 years with Fisher Sand & Gravel in management. He has been married to his lovely wife, Peggy, for 35 years, has one remaining son, 8 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Two main issues have spurred Newton to run for office. The first is Montana's tax policy. and he wants to upgrade the tax system from heavily relying on property taxes to one where others share the burden. The Montana Constitution allows legislators to enact a 4% sales tax. He is in favor of the 4% sales tax, offset by no state income tax, no business equipment tax and a 10% reduction in property taxes. He would also put side boards on the sales tax with any increase from 4% having to be approved by voters. Even though Governor Gianforte has instructed the interim tax committee that a sales tax is a non-starter, Newton says that he knows and likes Gianforte and that he will listen, and that it's not just up to him.

The second issue is Montana's Environmental Policy Act which he believes has had a detrimental impact on harvesting the state's vast natural resources. "We need to stop the over-regulation of our natural resources and get back to producing what we have in our state," he said. "Taking three years to get a drilling permit is unworkable. All the lawsuits cost producers and taxpayers," he added.

Partly because he is an adoptee, Newton is pro-life. He would allow exceptions for rape, incest or danger to the baby or mother. Although he believes the 2020 election was stolen, he thinks Montana's election process is secure. He also does not agree with public school monies being used to fund private education.

Newton would like to visit with you about the issues facing Montana and why he would be the best candidate to send to the state legislature. Please contact him at 406-939-2188.


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