Students Provide Mock Trial During Kiwanis

The Sidney Kiwanis Club appreciated a mock trial presented by Sidney High School's street law class under the instruction of Brad Faulhaber on Thursday.

Discussion covered the United States v. Rahimi case, which prohibits the possession of firearms by persons subject to domestic violence restraining orders and if that violates the Second Amendment.

Faulhaber said the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in November 2023, and has yet to made a ruling.

During the mock trial, petitioners noted that 48 states have authorized courts to disarm those who can't be trusted with firearms.

Respondents argued that the law would allow governments great authority to perhaps target certain individuals, even law-abiding citizens.

Petitioners noted that rights can be taken away if a threat exists. For instances, drivers who drive under the influence of intoxicants can have their license taken away.

Respondents said that 1.5 million Americans have active restraining orders. Some of them are issued simply because of marital differences. Respondents also believe background checks do the job they intended to do.

At the end of the program, four of the six student justices voted with Rahimi because they felt the law would give the federal government too much power.

Faulhaber said he was proud of the students involved. "They did me and Sidney proud," Faulhaber added.


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