Sidney Senior Students Enjoying Fun With Game

Members of Sidney High School's Class of 2024 are having fun with the "senior assassins" game this spring.

Lexi Rang, administrator for the game in Sidney, says the game locally began March 19 and will run until May 19.

"It's a game that seniors are all doing across the country," Rang explained.

Through the game, each participants is a target each week through an app. That person then attempts to hit his target by using a watergun sometime during that week. Students can use floaters, goggles and life jackets to be designated safe.

A video is needed to prove that a target was hit. After being approved, the video is placed on the group's instagram page.

It's a fun way for the classmates to remember their time at the high school prior to graduation.

The game isn't allowed to be played at school or at sporting events, Rang said. When she notifies participants that it's a purge hour, safety items aren't recognized and any group member can be a target.

At this point, Abby Schilling stands in first-place for the standings.


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