Area Woman Up For Super Mom

Area resident Amy Karst has a chance to be awarded for doing one of the most important jobs in the world.

Karst, who lives in rural Fairview, is in contention for the Woman's World Magazine's Super Mom award. The mother of two has already advanced through the first round of elimination. Next, voting takes place through May 2, to cut the entries to 15 contestants in each group. You can vote at

"It celebrates motherhood basically," Karst said of the contest.

The magazine is searching for one extraordinary mother to win $20,000, be featured in Woman's World Magazine, be flown to California and have a photo shoot. Karst, a 2010 Fairview High School graduate, has been constantly in the top three for her group during the competition.

People can vote once a day for free. Additional votes cost a fee, but the funds head to the Children's Miracle Network. Colossal has raised more than $2.6 million through the Super Mom competition to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Karst is thankful that family members and friends have even paid to vote for her. "It's so sweet," she said.

She explained that it was an honor to be one of the only 2,000 mothers selected for the Super Mom contest.

Karst describes herself as a very hands-on and creative mother for her sons Leo, 4, and Lim, 2.

"My approach is very loving and safe," she explained. She follows the belief of her parents, Justin and Anita, that children should not be afraid to try a wide variety of activities. "My goal is to raise my kids the way my mom raised us," Karst said. Growing up, Amy was involved in music, sports and other activities.

Amy's path in life has included being a chef at Walt Disney World and serving as a music teacher at East Fairview School.

She has recently passed her American elementary education program board test and has secured a teaching position starting next school year.

"My life has many careers and interests," Karst said. "That's what I want to teach my boys."

She appreciates that her sons see her as a Super Mom. "I'm their hero, for now," she said.

That's not to say she's a perfect mom by any means. She explains when she's overly busy or not feeling well, she experiences "mom guilt".

She does make sure she reads to her sons each morning and night. She often has the boys watch her cook and even assist with the process. She said they are more likely to try new foods that way.

Amy is also excited about her singing career, which she will enjoy performing during a patio night at the Waterhole #3, Fairview, on June 20, starting at 7 p.m. She will perform 12 original songs along with some covers.

"That's kind of my therapy," Karst said of song writing. Most of her music deals with some sort of relationship. "They usually end with healing in some way."


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