Commissioners Review Library Staff Status

Richland County commissioners discussed the staff situation at the Sidney-Richland County Library during a meeting on April 22.

Clerk and Recorder Stephanie Verhasselt, who heads human relations for the county, reported that library staff was hoping a seasonal employee could be hired to assist with the summer reading program. A person worked in that position last summer.

Commissioners Duane Mitchell and Loren Young approved the position during the meeting. Commissioner Shane Gorder was absent.

“I’m getting calls that we’re closing the library. We’re not,” Young stressed.

The library has been without a director since September. Staff remains at three employees. “The three have been working very well together,” Verhasselt said.

The county plans to keep advertising for a new library director.

Verhasselt said the library board needs to meet soon since the board is required to hold six meetings a year. Either Verhasselt or a commissioner will conduct the meeting.

The library board consists of three county representatives and two representives for the city of Sidney. Heather Cotter was recently appointed to take one of the city spots. Verhasselt said Nancy Verschoot is retiring from the board and needs to be replaced by a county representative.


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