Promotion Leading Sidney Students To Reading

Blind dates are going on at Sidney High School, but usually no romance is involved.

Recently, librarians started the "Try a blind date with a book" promotion with the goal of getting students interested in a wider variety of books.

Sidney High School librarian Dan Hart said he has thought about offering the promotion for years. Now was the perfect time because Central librarian Kelsee Campbell needed a project as part of her work to achieve her library endorsement.

The promotion has books covered with colored paper. The only information seen is the first line of the book.

"They're looking at content rather than the picture on the cover," Hart explained.

Campbell selected the books, wrapped the selections and printed the opening lines on the books.

"She did all the work," Hart said of Campbell.

Hart explained the selections were all new books purchased by the school this year. Students are doing the reading for their own enjoyment.

"Some kids will find out that they maybe can add to their normal genre," Hart said.

He added that he's heard some school libraries holding such a promotion for some time "If it's successful, I will do it again next year," Hart said.


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