City Of Sidney Requesting Homeowners Return EPA Required Water Pipe Surveys

The EPA requires documentation of water pipes from all entities, whether municipal or private, to determine if there are lead pipes being used for the water supply to homes. After the disaster in Flint, MI, and other areas of the country, the EPA is taking needed steps to eradicate all leads pipes and prevent that type of contamination in all parts of the country.

The City of Sidney mailed surveys to 2550 homeowners in the city in March. Not all residents received a letter since newer homes do not use lead pipes. At this time, over 600 property owners have not returned the required survey.

If a home is found to have lead pipes, the city has federal grant money to replace those pipes, at no cost to the property owner. Replacement of pipes in four homes has already been completed. “It’s a good thing for the property owner,” Jessica Chamberlin, city clerk and treasurer, said. “The city manages the project and makes sure it’s done right, all at no cost.”

Those property owners who have not returned the mailed survey may complete it and mail it to City Hall, or request a new form if they have misplaced the first one. They can also text pictures of their water meters that are located inside the building where the water supply comes in, with their address, to 406-478-0664. Pictures must have the entire meter and the pipe coming into and out of the residence.

If a property owner does not know where to locate the meter, they can call City Hall at 406-433-1117 to have one of their operators come and look at it. Residents may also email [email protected] to provide the pictures or the survey.

Since this survey is required by the EPA, the City will have to do door to door calls to complete the project if all surveys are not returned by mid-October. Making sure that pipes are not lead helps to ensure the safety of residents and improves any potential resale value in the future so please return the survey as soon as possible.


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