Grandchildren Safety Is Something You Should Learn About?

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New research from NACCRRA study shows that 40% of all grandparents are providing childcare for their grandchildren and the Pew Research Center shows that 1 in 10 grandparents are raising their grandchildren.

As you remember with your own children… Your grandchildren are curious by nature and can think up lots of ways to find “trouble”…it’s up to you to stay ahead of them when they are in your care. With childless years gone by, you now find yourself with little ones once again in your home. Without the constant reminder of those little ones around it’s easy to forget everything you can to do to protect them. Here are a few suggestions to make that job easier:

Car Safety - Make sure they are buckled into the proper restraint system when you pick them up, drop them off and anytime they are riding with you…. It’s the law. Remember you are their role model…buckle up yourself. Never drive distracted, tired or under the influence of alcohol or medications.

Pedestrians – Children act before they think….Children under 8 are at the greatest at risk. Teach and remind them often about safe behavior around roadways. Provide safe areas for them to play away from traffic.

Bikes, Skates, Boards – Most injuries involve falls. Falls cause head trauma which could mean permanent brain damage. Helmets reduce the risk of brain injury by 90%. Teach and remind your grandchildren often of the rules. Remember you are their role model…wear your helmet.

Poisonings – Never take medications in front of young children; never leave the containers where your grandchildren can see or reach them. Never call it candy…use the proper name and use of medications when talking to older children. Use child resistant caps when possible. Store all medications, household cleaners and products out of sight of children and in a child resistant cupboard or under lock and key.

Falls – The single highest cause of unintentional injuries and deaths due to them. Install safety gates on steps, stairways and balconies. Make sure surfaces under play equipment are soft and safe. Supervise young children at all times when playing or climbing.

Burns - A major cause of long-term damage to children. Keep hot liquids well out of reach of young children. Cook on the back burners and keep young children out of the kitchen when cooking. Never leave lighters or matches where your grandchildren can see or reach them. Even hot water from the tap can scald in seconds!

Toys & Furniture – The toys, playpens, highchairs and cribs your children used can be very unsafe and dangerous for your grandchildren…make sure they are safe for them to use. There are many websites and recourses to help you determine the safety of these items.

Drowning- The biggest danger to children under 5. If you have a pool, even the plastic kiddy pool, make sure it is fenced off, emptied and not accessible to children. If you have waterways near your home, teach and remind your grandchildren often of the rules. Always stay with young children when they are in the bathtub or playing around water.

Dog Bites - Around 75% of dog bites are from a family or a friend’s dog. Teach your grandchildren how to respect dogs and the dangers of approaching or petting unfamiliar dogs.

Farm Safety – Learn ways to make your farm yard safe … Learn and label the danger areas around your farm and teach and enforce the rule that your grandchildren do not play in those areas… Teach your grandchildren the safety rules and remind them often. Remember you are their role model, demonstrate safe farming to them.

Remember: In all areas “Child Resistant does not mean Child Proof”. Not only do you want to keep your grandchildren safe but you want to stay safe too…so you can play tomorrow.

Please contact Richland County Health Department’s Injury Prevention Specialist or visit for more information and additional resources. Keep your grandchildren safe & happy.


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