Small Steps to Health & Wealth


With the beginning of 2013, millions of New Year’s Resolutions have been made. Popular resolutions range from losing weight to improving finances, and are a great way to start a new year and new life. Unfortunately, it is not long after New Year’s Day that many of us break our resolutions. While people start out energized with sweeping resolutions, they may soon reach a wall on how to achieve them. A better approach would be to identify small action steps which are easily attainable in our day-to-day lives. For instance, reducing calories by as little as 100 per day or taking 10-minute walks after dinner could produce a 10-15 pound weight loss in a year’s time.

If your New Year’s Resolution involves improving your health or wealth, consider participating in the Small Steps to Health and Wealth™ program. As part of Sidney High School’s Adult Education program, Richland Extension will offer this fun 9-week program, which encourages participants to make positive behavior changes to simultaneously improve their health and personal finances. Participants will learn about 25 behavioral strategies that are effective for improving health and wealth, and will be encouraged to pick 3 or 4 strategies to apply to your own life. This is a great opportunity to find out how you can increase your savings, cut spending or lose a few pounds among others.  To register call FCS Extension Agent Ludmila Keller at 406-433-1206. The program will take place from 5:30PM to 6:30PM at the Sidney High School, starting January 31. Registration is $20 (free for seniors) and includes a workbook. Let’s take the small steps to realize our resolutions.


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