What Can You Do To Reduce DUI Crashes?


Make a RADD call: “Report a Drunk Driver.” Law Enforcement & Richland County Task Force are reaching out to the community to help prevent DUI Crashes and injuries & deaths related to them. Law Enforcement and the task force are asking you to report drivers you feel may be impaired. If you notice a vehicle crossing over lane-lines, excessive slowing and speeding, driving without lights, erratic driving, road rage or any other movements that may put you or others in danger on our roadways….make the call.

DIAL 911 ~ Report the vehicle description, license plate number, location, directions of travel and any other information the dispatcher may request in order to dispatch law enforcement. You don’t need to give your name to report a drunk driver.

Richland County Sheriff Brad Baisch encourages you to get involved and make the call.” The quicker the information gets to the officer on the street, the quicker the impaired driver can be stopped. Law Enforcement can’t be everywhere so it is important that you report the impaired driver right away so the officers can respond immediately.”

Sidney Police Department would like everyone to remember “One bad decision could affect your whole life. Drivers: Don’t drive after drinking alcohol, Community: Report Drunk or dangerous drivers to Law Enforcement. We all must make good decisions to keep our community safe.”

Fairview Police Chief Cal Seadeek wants to remind drivers throughout Richland County, “Driving under the influence isn’t just a problem for the police. If you drive on Montana’s highways it could be your problem too. Help stop drunk driving. Take the time to call in erratic or unsafe drivers. The life you save could be someone you know.”

Montana Highway Patrol would like to remind you, “Patrol Troopers can’t be everywhere; we rely on community members and other motorists to report dangerous drivers. We all use the road and it’s everybody’s duty to help keep it safe. You can save a life with just a phone call so make it your business and make the call.”

You can also call 1-855-MPH-3777 to report non-emergency hazards on state highways.

Drinking and Driving is the reason we have DUI Crashes on our roadways….If you choose to drink make the responsible choice and DON’T DRIVE. Richland County is fortunate to have Sidney Shuttle servicing our communities. They are a 24/7 taxi service that covers a 100 mile radius. Give them a call at 433-3636 and they will provide a ride to and from your destination. You never worry about a parking spot or getting into a cold vehicle in the winter. If you find yourself with a drink in your hand….hand your keys over, shuttle drivers will not only get you home but will get your vehicle in the garage.

There are however other causes for impairment. Illegal Drugs, Prescription Drugs, Over the Counter Drugs and Medical Problems can all lead to impaired driving and put you and the community in harm’s way. Talk to your doctor and read labels…make sure you are being a responsible driver.

Reducing crashes, injuries and deaths related to DUIs will take effort from our entire community. If you want to help make a difference in your community, consider becoming a member of the Injury Prevention Team/DUI Task Force. Call Mary, Injury Prevention Specialist/DUI Task Force Coordinator at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207.


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