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Bubble Bash By Color Dash in Watford City Sept. 6


On Saturday September 6, 2014 Wolf Pup Daycare at 325 3rd St. SE, in Watford City will be holding the Bubble Bash Color Dash fundraiser.

Packet Pick Up starts at 10:00 AM and Bubble Bash starts at 12:00 PM. The price per team is $35, per family is $40 and kids ages 5 and under are free. Register at

Local sponsors include Nuverra, McKenzie County Bank, Malissa Schroeder and Annova Family Health.

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Are you ready to get bubble-fied? Because, let me tell you, at The Bubble Bash 5k by Colordash – you most certainly will! Let’s keep with the beauteous white T-Shirt that we are so known for, throw in some running, walking, crawling or rolling, add some bubbles (heck, LOTS of bubbles) and take it one step further and make them colored bubbles and you’ve got everything you need for a Bubble Bash!! We think it’s time to give bath time a run for it’s money. Don’t be surprised if The Bubble Bash 5k changes your outlook on laundry, dishes and baths, perhaps even life – let’s get moving with this bubbly, color party – and let it move you!

We will warn you that even though you start out clean as a fresh, brand-new, NON sudsy, bar of soap it will absolutely not last for long. As the DASH continues you will not only be covered in a tye-died rainbow prism of color, but bubbles will be flying everywhere. At each Mile marker throughout the 5k we will have foam-stations that will allow you the unique opportunity to blast your bodies into another world as you run, walk, crawl or roll through colorful foam only to arrive at the end of the DASH into a party of fun that only The Color Dash could bring. Dancing, music, laughter and enough bubbles to fill your day are sure to clean up your mood and color your day!


Our goal at The Bubble Bash by Colordash is to lift your spirits, clean up your mood and color your day!! So, when the usual relaxing bath time, color-by-number worksheets and all the comedy re-runs you can handle just don’t cut it for you, we are SO here for you!!

We know, we know, running isn’t for everyone, but let’s mix it up…rather than dashing AWAY from that pile of dishes, baskets of laundry, or dirty feet from that latest gardening project, let’s try dashing TOWARDS something this year. Just dash at the Bubble Bash. If not for any reason. Just Dash for fun. Just Dash, well, because.

Now, thank goodness we are a non-competitive fun-run…we mean that it isn’t a timed race, we’d you count the times you laugh, smile and create a new memory than the seconds it takes you to make it through the course…linger, laugh and let the color move you!

The Bubble Bash 5k by Colordash is coming to an area near you with a blast of foam so big and bright that it is sure to give bath time a run for it’s money and renew your outlook on life and fun while helping out local charities and organizations – We like to call that a WIN/WIN.

After about 5k of bubbles, colors and music, we are certain there will be too many ‘photo-ops’, goof-ups and well, clean fun – your days is sure to shine and shimmer, squeaky clean.

So, let’s get this party started and turn your life clean and colorful in The Bubble Bash 5k by Colordash – this is a party you don’t want to miss.


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