Going Techy With Nutrition In 2015

With each New Year many people make a resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Often times the goal is to lose some weight or to follow a new exercise routine. If this sounds familiar, there are lots of technological apps and online resources to help you achieve your new healthy goals.

Many of these apps are available for free to use on a cellphone or tablet. One of the advantages to these apps is that it can be like having a dietitian or personal trainer at your fingertips. However, finding an app that is tailored to your needs can take a little research.

Recently, healthline.com announced the best weight loss phone apps for 2014, specifically for iPhone and Android. Among the 22 apps listed, MyFitnessPal, Calorie Counter Pro, FitBit and Diet Assistant all had at least a four-star rating from their users. Plus, many of the featured apps emphasized a balanced approach to better health by incorporating nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Besides downloadable apps, there are plenty of reputable resources online to find nutritious recipes, workout routines and motivational tips to living a healthier lifestyle. Social networking has exploded with personal blogs, Facebook sites and Pinterest pages that tout and promote various products and programs. It seems everyone has become an expert in healthy living, but who can you actually trust?

When following advice from a blog or site related to nutrition and exercise, ask yourself these questions. Does the page promote a well-balanced lifestyle? Do the parameters seem extreme and hard to follow for an extended period of time? Are they promoting a miracle-product?

The Richland County Nutrition Coalition recently joined the social networking site Pinterest. For healthy recipes and tips, follow the Nutrition Coalition’s page at http://www.pinterest.com/1rcnc1. Check it out and challenge yourself to try something new to improve your health this year.

The mission of the Richland County Nutrition Coalition (RCNC) is to identify and address food and nutrition needs of the community. RCNC strives to emphasize and encourage education and personal growth in the area of nutrition.

For more information on the Richland County Nutrition Coalition, or ways to be involved, contact Gina Dennis at 406.488.2273.


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