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National Youth Traffic Safety Month


May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month…the month our children start their summer vacation. It is also a start of more driving for our teens. Parents are just starting or just completing the ‘driver’s license’ process for their children, because there is no snow or ice to drive on and they feel it is a safer time to learn. Teens with driver’s licenses are taking their younger siblings to summer activities, swimming, ball games and play dates. Teens are spending more time driving around with friends going to and from summer fun. Parents are depending on their teen drivers to help out a little more by running errands. Safer time of year? Maybe, Maybe Not.

The Richland County Injury Prevention Team, MHP, and Richland County EMS all worked with the Moore Family this spring on presentations not just to area students, parents and school staff but to the community. Bringing awareness and education on the dangers of distracted driving. However it is not a one-time presentation that makes our community safer to drive in. It is an ongoing change. Conversations between parents and children, employers and employees, family members and friends. Its rules, policies and expectations of not only of other drivers but our driving as well.

Help make this summer a safe driving summer. Drive un-distracted, Drive un-impaired. Keep our community safe. For more information on what you can do to keep our roads safe, contact Mary Sundheim, Richland County Injury Prevention Specialist 433-2207.


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