Reducing Texting & Driving

Following Texting & Driving presentations in local high schools and for the public Janae Moore's Family loaned Janae's pickup to the Injury Prevention Team to bring continued awareness to the dangers of Texting & Driving.

The pickup has been present at each high school in Richland County and several other locations. With support of many local businesses and private land owners the pickup has been seen by many. It was placed at the Extension Office during the Public Presentation, similar to the ones done for our local high schools. From a location on Highway 16 just past Sioux Pass the pickup was placed on Highway 200 for Memorial weekend, those traveling to Fort Peck were reminded to drive undistracted. The community has been reminded not to 'text & drive' by signage placed on the pickup. It was then placed in Savage during the Catfish Tournament and all-school reunion, Lambert's Fourth of July Celebration and Fairview's Old Timers Festival and all-school reunion. It will be parked at Lower Yellowstone and then following the Richland County Fair the pickup will be out past the MDU Bridge.

The pickup that Janae was driving is a stark reminder to drive undistracted. She was on her way to Fort Peck when the distraction of texting took her eyes off the road and diminished the ability to react when the pickup wandered off the road. The pickup rolled several times before coming to rest in a field several yards from the black top.

The Richland County Injury Prevention Team, the Moore Family, Montana Highway Patrol, and Richland County EMS ask that you drive undistracted 100% of the time. Set expectations for yourself and others, don't text and drive and don't allow others to text and drive. One time could be devastating to you and the ones you love.

For more information or how to make a difference in your community please contact Mary Sundheim, Injury Prevention Specialist at the Richland County Health Department. 406-433-2207.


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