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City Attorney Joel Krautter Announced Monday That He Will Be Running For Montana House District 35


Krautter chose Sidney Sugars as the backdrop for his campaign announcement, stating that the factory is a great example of how agriculture and infrastructure are so reliant on one another and discussed their importance to the area.​

Sidney City Attorney Joel Krautter announced Monday, January 11th, that he will be running for Montana House of Representatives District 35, which covers all of Richland County. Filing opens January 14th, at which time Krautter will make it official and will begin meeting with voters, attending candidate forums, and further learning what concerns area residents have, so those concerns may be addressed during the next legislative session.

Krautter grew up in Deer Lodge, MT and graduated from Powell County High School; he then attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, graduating in 2011 with Bachelor of Science degree in government pre-law. Krautter graduated from the University of Montana in Missoula in May 2014 with his JD and went on to pass the Montana Bar. In August of 2014 Krautter moved to Sidney and began working for the Netzer Law Office; he was appointed City Attorney in November of 2015 and has been active with the local Republican Central Committee since his arrival.

Krautter says that he’s always been interested in politics in order to be an informed citizen and voter, but didn’t think of running until the last infrastructure bill failed by a single vote in 2015.

“Eastern Montana has sent over $200 million dollars in gas and oil tax revenue to Helena and that has benefitted the entire state. That should be recognized; we need infrastructure funding passed in our area,” Krautter commented. “I’m also a big proponent of agriculture because it is so important to eastern Montana.”

After talking with many local residents and leaders, he recognized that people wanted change and he began receiving overwhelming support in his decision to run for office. He is seeking the Republican nomination at the June 7th primary.

Despite the cold weather, Krautter’s supporters turned out to enjoy hot chocolate and listen to his campaign announcement.

“I am looking forward to visiting with people about their concerns. I’m a good listener, which I think will be an asset,” he said. For more information, contact Krautter at [email protected]


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