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Jessica Rupp Will Discuss Managing Sugar Beet Disease In 2016


Jessica Rupp

Extension Plant Pathologist Jessica Rupp will be discussing sugar beet diseases as one of the educational sessions to be held on Thur., March 3, during Ag Days in Sidney. She will be presenting diseases of concern for 2016 and their management as well as 2015 research compiled by Dr. Barry Jacobsen and Dr. Ken Kephart.

Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot and Cercospora Leaf Spot are at the center of concern for Montana growers. Both diseases are caused by fungal organisms and Rhizoctonia Crown and Root Rot's devastating effects have led it to be described as 'a bull in a china shop' as it rots the beet. Cercospora Leaf Spot causes problems above ground that translate to lower yields. Both of these diseases can be controlled with fungicides and identifying crop disease early on is key in the management of both.

"We have known about these diseases for over 100 years. They are caused by fungi, and living organisms will adapt to survive, so past issues can become new concerns," said Rupp. "Growers stay on top of the issues and as a result, we have successful sugar beet crops."

In addition to discussing soil borne and leaf tissue diseases, Rupp will talk about seedling diseases and how seed treatment can extend the window of time beets can be treated with fungicide.

Rupp was hired by Montana State University in Bozeman, MT in September of 2015, after graduating from Kansas State University in 2015. She is looking forward to making her first trip to Sidney and meeting our local growers.

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