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Nesper Receives Recognition For His Years Of Outstanding Service With The Richland County Baseball Association


On behalf of the Richland County Baseball Association, Dan Peters, left, presented Jesse Nesper a plaque for his years of outstanding service.​

On Tuesday, April 5, Jesse Nesper received an award for his service as President of the Richland County Baseball Association. Nesper has served as President for a total of five years and has been on the board for ten. For Nesper, baseball has been a family affair for as long as he can remember; he fondly recalls returning foul balls at $.25 a piece when he was a kid. "My dad was President for thirteen years and growing up I remember always being at the ball park during the summer. My dad would be busy doing whatever needed to be done and my mom would be working at the concession stand; it seemed like our family was always the last one at the baseball field. When I was a kid I asked my dad why we were there so much and he told me it was because someone had done it when he was a kid. I think that's always stuck with me," he explained of his involvement.

Dan Peters and Leah Norby will serve as Co-Presidents this year. The Richland County Baseball Association has as many as 200 kids in the program during the season, and Nesper will continue to serve on the board and help out where needed, confessing that he just can't stay away from the sport that has been a lifelong involvement for him.

Peters presented the award, and upon receiving it Nesper expressed his gratitude and added, "No one here (at the meeting) does this for themselves. We're all here because we think that baseball is important enough that kids should have the opportunity to learn the sport. We're here so that kids can play ball."


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